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Gold Buttons

About Gold Buttons: This is a very versatile left-hand border set. The border consists of the single, gold, vertical bar that can be adjusted to any location on the set. Even put in two! Five pre-labeled gold-tone buttons (back, next, home, mail, and links) add a bit of razzle-dazzle to the ensemble. You can use "Bauhaus" font to make additional buttons on the blank button included with the set. Additionally, you'll get a welcome header, divider bar, and matching logo.

Terms and Conditions of Usage: All pages displaying my graphics must have either the matching logo linked back to my site, or a visible, legible text link. Please do not distort, resize, reshape, or otherwise alter my graphics, with the exception of adding text to blank buttons. If you need customized pieces, email me.

  ...Personal Website License:  Request Form
  ...Commercial Website License:  $50 (US Funds Only)
  ...Exclusive Use License:  NOT AVAILABLE