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Aztec Medallion

About Aztec Medallion: A geometric patterened, sun-shaped medallion in the upper left corner of the webset speaks of ancient rituals. Included in the set are twelve pre-labeled buttons (about me, awards, back, next, home, mail, links, sign, view, friends, gallery, photos) in addition to the welcome header, bullet, divider bar, and medallion graphics. A blank button has been included for your convenience. "Domaign" font is used for the graphics text.

Terms and Conditions of Usage: All pages displaying my graphics must have either the matching logo linked back to my site, or a visible, legible text link. Please do not distort, resize, reshape, or otherwise alter my graphics, with the exception of adding text to blank buttons. If you need customized pieces, email me.

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  ...Commercial Website License:  $50 (US Funds Only)
  ...Exclusive Use License:  NOT AVAILABLE